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What to expect with us

When you arrive at our practice you will greeted by one of our chiropractic assistants who will provide you with our patient intake forms. A thorough history of your presenting complaint and past medical history is required so that we can get the best possible picture of your current health status.

You will then go through to one of our consulting rooms where your chiropractor may ask some additional questions before conducting a thorough physical examination to diagnose your condition and determine what treatment may be appropriate for you.

In some instances, findings in your history or examination may indicate that an X-ray would be beneficial to your management. This may be performed on site at the time of your consultation or booked in for another time depending on your chiropractor on the day.

If it is determined that chiropractic treatment is appropriate for your condition you will then receive your first adjustment.

At Limestone Coast Chiropractic we utilize both manual and low force techniques depending on what is required and on patient preference. If you are apprehensive about chiropractic care your chiropractor can alter treatment techniques accordingly. We want you to feel comfortable with the care you receive!

Meet our Team

Our team of Chiropractors are here to help you on your health journey. Meet our Chiropractors before you arrive at Limestone Coast Chiropractic.

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